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                      Jasmine Hummingbirds 
                         by Cyndee Maudlin

                          A testimonial for 
                     Phillip Spearman 9/23/16 7

My name is Cyndee Maudlin. I am 46 years young and finally in the process of my 1st tattoo. This gorgeous piece of artwork is courtesy of Phillip Spearman. The detail and colors are so vibrant yet soft and delicate; my hummingbirds literally appear as if they have feathers and are going to fly of my back at any moment. After my second session without a doubt I would not pay anyone else to put a tattoo on my body. The story: I have had a tattoo idea in mind for the past ten years, it wasn’t until I crossed paths with Phillip Spearman did I know it was the right time and right person to finally bring my idea into fruition. That’s all it was too, an idea, I shared with Phillip during our 1st phone call that I wanted a hummingbird and flowers. The night before my appointment I roughly sketched my idea. On August 27, 2016, I arrived at Phillip’s private studio with him waiting outside to greet me. He has an aura about him that just calmed my nervousness. We chatted on the comfy couches for quite some time talking before getting to work on the design of my tattoo. Did I mention that I forgot my sketch! With the pieces in hand let the tattoo begin. The detail: The color on my hummingbirds was just added last weekend and people who see the art say the same thing I do, they “look like they could fly off my back”. The fine detail and coloring is beyond exquisite. Phillip is respectful, a great conversationalist, not to mention talented and what an artist! With only the words hummingbirds, flowers, soft and delicate provided to him, he skillfully tattooed me with my 10-year dream. I wouldn’t recommend getting a tattoo anywhere else. The whole experience is note-worthy hence the long testimonial. Signing the Papers: Not knowing much about tattoo’s I was a bit taken back initially by the flat fee cost for his tattoo experience and skill, but after my second session, I know why he charges what he does. It’s worth it.! His private tattoo room is very clean and simple with all of his awards for body artwork hung on the wall. After reading and signing the paperwork, I sat in a chair resting on a pillow a brought with me to so I could remain still and be comfortable. Phillip utilized printed photos to free-hand the tattoo outline on the back of my right shoulder. The process was surprisingly not as painful as I had anticipated but that is probably his level of skill vs my pain tolerance level. After the 1st session he provided me with his own printed after-care instruction sheet, down to the exact product to use for the best results the next few weeks. I recommend following the instructions and even product recommendations. They worked well for me with minimal pealing or itching. Great experience all around.

Alejo Alolor JR.

I Finally got my first tattoo! I've been wanting to get one since 2009,But what made me really decided to go pull the trigger on 2016 is because of Mr spearman. I researched him and found some videos on youtube. I really like what this dude stood for,..that energy and go get what the fuck you want in life attitude...Eureka!!! Finally found my artist. To me an artist has to be experienced, this guy has 19 to 20 years under his belt, Man you can't go wrong.. Let me ask you this. If you really want something in this world and It has to be done right, would you let mediocrity tamper with it? I'm sure your answer would be, hell no!! If not you should evaluate your self.. go get your tattoo and do it right. I highly recommend Mr spearman. I have no regrets. I will definitely get my second tat with phil, for sure!!



"I look at a tattoo as a lifetime investment, and so it took a little over 2 years to find the right person for the work that I wanted. I found that a lot of artists limit themselves to just one style, and stop shy of pushing their work towards something extraordinary. They stay clear of risks and go for what is conventional. Phillip is not afraid to step outside the box, and I find that his is openness to push boundaries makes him one of the most original artists. And I didn't want some ordinary tattoo. I wanted something that could tell a story, one that kept people intrigued and questioning. The concept that I had in mind was not easy, but Phillip was able to elaborate on my ideas from every which direction and weave them together into one cohesive piece. The creativity, depth and every detail was on point, and the final work was better than I could ever imagine. I am proud to say that I now own something that I feel is impossible to replicate and truly one-of-a-kind"

i gotta tell you about one of the several millions of compliments I've gotten on my tattoo... a guy that works in a very high class art store here in the bay that deals exclusively with limited edition fine Disney and Thomas Kincade art told me today my tattoo is one of the best works of art he's ever seen

Im not kidding you, this is no exaggeraion... literally everywhere I go I get stopped... multiple times a day, everywhere"

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